Watch the Magnetically Free documentary in chapters here. More chapters are still being added, so bookmark it for a date in the near future!

Independent Researcher Jason Verbelli’s Magnetically Free London presentation on Free Energy Hidden Science and Structured Water, organized by Crissalida -Little Bubble of Laughter-

Themes include Platonic Solids, Geometric Order -Magnetic Resonance and Geometry of Fields-, Cymatics, Coded Magnets, Meta-Material -Nitinol-, Plasma Cosmology, Structured Water, Kirlian photography, Alternative Scientists – John Searle, Dewey B. Larson, Dan Winter, Nikola Tesla, Dr.Patrick Flanagan…-, and more.

Further info and links for this event on interactive invite here

Copyright 2013
Produced by Little Bubble of Laughter
Jason Verbelli further info


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