‘An eye for an eye’ will leave the whole world blind, but ‘a link for a link’ will build a better web. The web IS the links we create.So.. if you wouldlike to have a link to your site here, please consider adding a link from your site to us…and do keep us updated. We will consider all URL’s for inclusion on this page. If we do not list it is because we do not consider it suitable. We will not enter into dialogue about unselected urls. We will remove any links that become broken. It’s often best to provide only the url of your site rather than a long string of directories, if at all possible. To proceed do get in touch. Thnx. Here are some…


ALESS D Songwriter and graphic designer.

CHRIS CHEEK Multimedia performance artist.

DECKSPACE Open media resources.

DODO NKISHI Natimatti soundzz.

G. HARWOOD Technological strategic alliances for social equality, street culture and politics.

HAYVEND Art lab system.

JAKE MANDELL Soundzz ‘n’electronic programing.

MARQUE GILMORE DrumFM masterheart.

TALKAOKE True interactive chats. The people speak.

SHINKANSEN Evolving performance through media technologies.

WAYNE McGREGOR Choreographer


21C3 (Chaos Communication Congress) Hacking, Science, Community, Society and Culture.

HEALTHY SKEPTICISM Countering misleading drug promotion.

SPIKED Online publication making history (liberty, enlightenment, experimentation).

…particularly check the culture debate.

Lots more to come.. so,keep an eye here. 


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