The impact of technology within creative environs at the end of the millennium , featuring Graham Harwood, N1, Osmani Soundz, Cris Cheek, Shinkansen, Backspace and many more.
Shot between 1996-1999, most production credits go to Crissalida. Please see end credits for full details.
Soundtrack tittle ‘How much’ by Sevensensis
©1999 Little Bubble of Laughter



  • ‘DODO NKISHI’ ©2002. 6 minutes.

‘Looking for a thrill. An anthology of inspiration’.
Collaborative production and interviews for label Thrill Jokey’s 10th aniversary DVD finaly out now �2005.

September 15th, 2002 Preview presentation @ Ocean, Hackney.


  • ‘A QUEST… SPECK OR SPARKLE?’ � 2001. 70 min. Poetic journey into the historic spiritual festivity Maha Kumbha Mela 2001. The largest gathering of humans ever recorded. A colourful symphony of sounds, images and views into the tradition, happenings and encounters with diverse characters, addressing issues such as live and death, greed and need and enlightenment. Featuring among others Neil Patel on poetry, Sri Amar Bharti Babaji, Yamuna Giri NagaBaba, Bramacharini Mirabai on music,… The rawness of being there!

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July 9-14, 2002 Island Film and Video Festival, Docklands.
April 10-18, 2002 One World Human Rights Film Festival, Prague Czech Republic
November 22 Transfan Eon Eventos, Madrid.
November 8-11 Global Visions Festival – Edmonton, Canada.
Sept 30 Talkaoke/Kumbha Mela.Live webcast. Viewing and free form discussion show.
September 22 SRF Center, Notting Hill.
July 16 Premiere at Deckspace, Greenwich.

…or if you rather watch just a few extracts check this ones below…

videos! life and death, sadhu 1, sadhu 2, greed.


  • ‘VIDEODROM 1, 2 AND 3’ Canal+’s Satelite Digital TV Broadcast. 14th Dec.’98 to 4th Jan.’99.

Digital culture overview programs on today’s independent interactive producers.
Click on images below for a selection featuring…

Graham HarwoodHayvend
videos! Hayvend, G. Harwood, Chris Cheek and Neil Patel.


  • ‘RAYLAB’� 1999. 1 minute.

Laser projections. video!

  • ‘THE ORACLE -Hearing Things-‘ � 1999. 3 minute.

Electronic installation and performance by Aaron Williamson produced by!

  • ‘MARQUE GILMORE The Inna-Most (DRUM FM)’© 1999. 10 min
The Inna*MostThe Inna*MostThe Inna*MostThe Inna*Most



  • ‘THE FIELD’ 4th and 5th July 2000 @ The Rex, Docklands International Festival, London.

3 projectors, animation and digital film visual landscapes -total 84 minutes- for this site specific multi-media performance with 45 dance performers including Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance Company + 25 under tens from Keir Hardie School + 10 over sixties from Hibiscus Caribbean Elderly Association, and 11 piece orchestra by composer Tunde Jejede from string quartet to drum’n’bass with khora and sax.

A powerfully visual and sensory experience, celebrating the seven ages of man, the passing of time and the anticipation of a bright future.

videos! ‘NEUROSIS’ sequence= Schismatic portraits into mental space. ‘ABSENCE’ sequence= Amalgamation of ‘non’-physical presence in a cosmic field. 

  • ‘PATHWAYS’ 15th and 16th June 2000 @ The Studio Theatre, London.

Video-dance piece for Jayanchandran’s Imlata Dance Company educational project.

  • ‘THE V OF ARK’ premiered on the 6th of March 2000 @ The Millennium Dome, Greenwich, London.

Architecture and surveillance video-dance portrait with Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance Company and Amici Dance Theatre. Music by!


  • ‘URBI ET ORBI’ ©2000-2003. Video-triptych. 18 January 2004 till 28 Feb Sala IMAXIN@RTE, Centro ON Caixa Galicia, La Coruna Spain.

Parting from URBI ET ORBI meaning ‘ to the city and to the globe’, the definition is reworded ‘To the cities globally’, messaging a blessing, prophesy, vision or chance. 

In URBI ET ORBI, a series of city portraits, immerse the chrometised viewer into the dynamics of a new urban space reflecting global threats in a sinister dimension of unity.

Hyperrealism and the abstract merge in this traveling vision of urban elements, architecture, water,… dynamic landscapes of texture, color and velocity, featuring London, Bangkok and New York.

Urbi et Orbi part I WHARF, part II LOTUS, part III ICON
Triptych to be shown either in consecutive order or simultaneously.

  • ‘ARMONIA’ ©2000. 3 minutes.

The peacock is a symbol of beauty, prosperity, love,compassion, the soul, and peace. Puccini’s scratched area “recondita armonia” (hidden harmony) and a highly active Earth, portray the threats to the “peacock’s” fragile balance.

The sphere hangs in the middle of the exhibiting room.

  • ‘A BUTTERFLY’S VIEW’ ©1999. 15 minutes

Human rights support piece, from a butterfly’s perspective on life, death and!


  • ‘ELEVATION’ aka ‘High Purview’ ©2004. 2 minute micro-film.

A tale, rising from the cave of!

  • ‘ALIVE’ ©2002. 7 minutes.

In the 3rd century BC a passing royal barque carrying the charismatic Si Kunlathewi foundered in a storm. She came to inhabit the Andaman sea close to the wreck using power gained through many past lives to grant favours to all who came to pay respect. Natives offer carved wooden phalli to the Phra Nang (Holy Princess) that she may provide abundance, prosperity and fertility. Music: Danse religieuse by Ravel.


  • Interactive Lounge SAATCHI & SAATCHI 3rd 4th Nov. 2000 @ Royal Lancaster Hotel,W2, Hyde Park.

‘D.C.O.’ Plasma screen 30 min. program investigating broad horizons in digital media through independent interactive producers.

  • The Westzone Gallery 25th Sept. till 9th Oct. 2000 19 Clifford Street, London W1

Strange Alien Artifacts by United Aliens. Stain-proof silks collection parade by Roberto H. with Verouschka, J.Kidd,..