VDrom glimpse of Backspace, the independent clink street London based Net Lounge 1996-1999, provided a physical hub with media access shared networking resources and information and its own large servers for tea drinkers, artists, innovators and imagineers, slackers and hackers, hive builders and code meddlers who in a collective spirit of free net-working untapped and developed internet utility and the creative usage of other technologies.
Birthplace for many events, presentations, projects and creative collectives many live on to this day in their different incarnations such as SPC Media Lab Deckspace

Part of digital culture overview programs on independent interactive producers, produced by Crissalidafor Canal+’s Satelite Digital TV Broadcast. 14th Dec.’98 to 4th Jan.’99. copyright 1998-99 Little Bubble of Laughter

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How I got hold of my first handycam C-VHS Video and became a video-artist therehence.

Features myself as a teenager and reknown artist, arts maverick, patron Pedro Garhel RIP, as a couple competing as worst singers.

Together we run New Media Arts Centre ESPACIO ‘P’ , a defunct space that has now gain mythical status due to its pioneering views which opened the developments of new media arts nationwide in Spain and abroad.


  • ‘DODO NKISHI’ ©2002. 6 minutes.

‘Looking for a thrill. An anthology of inspiration’.
Collaborative production and interviews for label Thrill Jokey’s 10th aniversary DVD finaly out now �2005.

September 15th, 2002 Preview presentation @ Ocean, Hackney.


  • ‘A QUEST… SPECK OR SPARKLE?’ � 2001. 70 min. Poetic journey into the historic spiritual festivity Maha Kumbha Mela 2001. The largest gathering of humans ever recorded. A colourful symphony of sounds, images and views into the tradition, happenings and encounters with diverse characters, addressing issues such as live and death, greed and need and enlightenment. Featuring among others Neil Patel on poetry, Sri Amar Bharti Babaji, Yamuna Giri NagaBaba, Bramacharini Mirabai on music,… The rawness of being there!

Click here to view the complete piece!… or catch it on the big screen the following dates. For further info, join our mailing list.

July 9-14, 2002 Island Film and Video Festival, Docklands.
April 10-18, 2002 One World Human Rights Film Festival, Prague Czech Republic
November 22 Transfan Eon Eventos, Madrid.
November 8-11 Global Visions Festival – Edmonton, Canada.
Sept 30 Talkaoke/Kumbha Mela.Live webcast. Viewing and free form discussion show.
September 22 SRF Center, Notting Hill.
July 16 Premiere at Deckspace, Greenwich.

…or if you rather watch just a few extracts check this ones below…

videos! life and death, sadhu 1, sadhu 2, greed.


  • ‘VIDEODROM 1, 2 AND 3’ Canal+’s Satelite Digital TV Broadcast. 14th Dec.’98 to 4th Jan.’99.

Digital culture overview programs on today’s independent interactive producers.
Click on images below for a selection featuring…

Graham HarwoodHayvend
videos! Hayvend, G. Harwood, Chris Cheek and Neil Patel.


  • ‘RAYLAB’� 1999. 1 minute.

Laser projections. video!

  • ‘THE ORACLE -Hearing Things-‘ � 1999. 3 minute.

Electronic installation and performance by Aaron Williamson produced by!

  • ‘MARQUE GILMORE The Inna-Most (DRUM FM)’© 1999. 10 min
The Inna*MostThe Inna*MostThe Inna*MostThe Inna*Most