• “A.D. of an I.G.P.” �SCI-FI Feature Film, � and written in 1999, currently on post-production, due in 2012.
Perils and adventuresof I.G.P.’s who play with scientific laws that govern the universe. Theyshift and spin through dimensions where polarities behave in full force. Amongsta diverse group of girlfriends exploring untapped soul possibilities, realitiesare questioned and put to test, with repercussions to alien civilizations.SHOT on location in the heart of Hoxton, Shoreditch and Clerkenwell neighborhoods as well as globally in Kosovo, Mexico, USA, Morocco, China, Thailand and virtual environments of the cosmos and beyond diverse dimensions.

“Laughter and thought, experimental as fun entertainment, depth commercial”

Sharon “Shaz” Duncan (Bad Girls), Patrick O’Neill, Hiu Ng, Alistair Waterson, Aaron Israel, Tamalini Siva, Ghislaine Boddington, Elvira Correa, Dora Pavel, Anthony Grant, Ina Velasco, Phra Udon Uttaro, Phra Sanya Hommanee, Phra Somboon Lamtam, Phra Surin Anuphab, Phra Joe Apiwat Penmoon, Phra Sangob Chaiyases, Phra Churun Punda, El Jallali Mustapha,…


�� Neil “Peace” Patel

�� Steve Payne (Forensic scientist)


�� Jaime Travezan

�� Morgana Vargas Llosa


�� Aaron Williamson

�� Experiment 1

�� Diego Figari


�� Russell Bond

�� Rafael Bonachela (head’n’heart of Rambert Dance)

�� Hesterminio Olassolo


�� Alessandra D The PastaMaster

�� Marque Gilmore The InnaMost (DRUM FM)

�� Jake Mandell (Native Instruments)

�� Clonicos (Geometrix)

�� Robert Sholl

�� Dodo Nkishi (Mouse on Mars)

�� Ashley (L-Shift/Lateral)

�� Paul Frohna (genetic engeneer)
…+ more


Being an entertaining piece with a content rich in art forms, a site specific event will be promoted parallel to the film screenings comprising the talents of those involved, depending on demand and resources available. Targeted to film, music and electronic art festivals worldwide, galleries and castles, also suitable for broadcast in all televisual media or where appropriate openings arise . Sales agents, distributors and international video art promoting organizations and multitude others will also be targeted on our quest for the ultimate blessings!


  • ‘ICON’ �2000. 2’25” Video.

Defragmentation of supremacy within and without urban symbolism.

Hyper-realism and the abstract merge in a dynamic composition of elements, architecture, texture, velocity and action featuring the World Trade Center of NY.
..on exhibition now

ICON is born by the challenging symbolism of the Twin Towers in a hot summer afternoon June ’99, awaiting a cousin who worked in one. Their sheer omnipotence inspired the visual de-fragmentation of its value.The challenge thus, was one to transcend the physicality of power, to dissect status with each visual fragment in order to secure it, to make dominance both vulnerable and accessible.

I needed to chunk out the perception overload to attain a clear notion, parallel say to the inability to conceive a million billion trillion in cash, but capable of grasping the �80 000 a minute B.Gates can spend in 85 years.

The flow of ICON’s creation was a smooth and straightforward process. It felt as if it created itself most magically, from inclusion into the script of the feature film brewing at the time, shooting, edited as u see it in 2000, to the needless necessity for soundtrack adjustments which fitted to perfection and was added a few months later, ever spookily named the ‘fragmented icon’ by Jake Mandell.

Hence, originally created as a sequence within Crissalida’s first feature film and project, a SCI-FI odyssey, it always had an intentional independent life of its own, just as other sequences do for the future use within a parallel event that goes with the film.

After the historic catastrophe, opposed to profit from the horror, and in empathy towards the victims’ dear ones, I thought it best to let it rest a good while before presentation.

ICON was premiered in January this year 2004 at Caixa Galicia, within what developed into a chrome triptych installation, URBI ET ORBI.


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