‘This is why we love python!’

‘A quantum-fiction hardcore hacker’s cyber-mystic tale.’

‘Entertaining and very interesting. The Dr.Who of hackers.’

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Little Bubble of Laughter presents the sci-fi action comedy INTRAFLUX, a FULL HD 11 minutes short-film adaptation of the story ‘Intrafluxing The Matrix’ by code-meddler Crissalida, written in quantum-python and based on a true programing event.

Commander TimeStampFuture intrafluxes Time through a program, where programming elements with an identity of their own, argue and interact amongst each other.


Starring // Vidal Sancho, Vortex, Darq and TallBastard ..and an ET Beamship

Music // ‘Aido Hwedo’ by Satisfaccion Lab

Location // MS Stubnitz

Strace’s Voice Effects by DaPastaMasta Alessandra Dagos.

Written, Directed and Produced by Crissalida

…and also Camera, Lighting, Styling, Sound Design, Post-production, Special Effects and Quantum Python.

Special Thanks to //

George Cox, the source of my inspiration through his ‘Commander’ software for control and metrics for distributed applications presentation.

James Stevens, who randomly introduced me to the shooting location that would inspire the film adaptation.

Adam Burns, for believing in me.

Defunct FUNIX -Faculty Unix- for embracing my vi-rginity and fluxing my code perception.

This film is dedicated to all programmers and re-programmers out there who intraflux the matrix.


This film is written in quantum-python, hence some knowledge of programming language is a plus, although not essential.

We much welcome openings as ours can be a bit of a niche audience. So, if you can think of any suitable events to screen it and widen up code horizons, please do share with us, ADD A COMMENT on this page -which won’t show your personal details- or email us. Sci-Fi Film Festivals, Hacker’s Congresses, Tekkie Gatherings,’s all good.

CONTACT // infoATintrafluxDOTnet


…and stay tuned for a Screening near you in 2015!

Copyright 2015 Little Bubble of Laughter


2 thoughts on “INTRAFLUX The Movie

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  2. This visually playful Little Bubble of Laughter film, Intraflux, presents coding as beauty and aspiration, ego and emotion, with timeless and comic absurdity.

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