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Global Thought Networks Research the I.G.P. Influx (Interactive Global Protocol for Culture)

Counterpart to the modern, capitalist notion of competition is co-operation, a form of human co-action that involves mutual dependence, benefits, shared goals, mutual learning, the common production of new reality, mutual responsibility and a high degree of networked, interconnected activity (Fuchs 2003a).

Here’s some by Crissalida to get you going..
(Is interactive global culture developing in imperialistic or consensual manner?)

(Tribe as Federation = an association of units that are largely independent. Oxford further definition of Tribe: populary believed to be close-knit and parochial, anthropologists now name them flexibly defined communities of convenience. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001)

Creative interactivity is happening at a global scale with emerging technologies that make border-crossing practices as accessible as local ones. ie. multimedia cyber-jamming becoming common practice.

Leading the way are the technology industries and the users, creators themselves. Friction abounds between them. Creators experiment with ever new tools staying ahead while the industries, who are the main suppliers of gadgetries, try to catch up with legislation to control their customers use of the tools. Each side growing ever more weary of each other, reasons are ample and will be here explored.

The concept is clear, the uncontrollable Pandora’s box of technology has been unleashed and those who released it now wish to control it, but it already has a creative life of its own.

While the chicken and the egg race and struggle absurdly against each other, the heart and reason of their very existence rests aside increasingly forgotten, that is, the content.

Mostly excluded from the game are also developing countries, minority communities and tribes who englobe the current buzz-term ‘diversity’.

Their cultural share within the global spectrum is undeniably rich , paradoxically society, so immersed it cannot see, turns a blind eye towards what blooms on its face the most.

Is tomorrow’s culture been sought after in the right place? here, localy, today? …if only the space for allotment was made! the missing link perhaps one of perception?

Technology, science and art. creative industries, corporate and culture are dancing the dance macabre in a structure of chaos.

Lets research disparity issues, expound inherent links and propose a way in which they can all float harmoniously in pyramidal perfection..

..Not a rigid, old fashioned, fixed pyramidal structure but one which floats in space and morphs expansively perhaps in fractal geometries, making sense of chaos…

…aiming towards a Code of Practice for Consensual Global Creative Interaction in support of universal culture.

further context..
The above is a taste of the macro-global perspectives, I hope thus to focus on micro-localdevelopments/view on diversity and its awarereness.

That is, by understanding the big picture, lets hope to identify on-site-specific structures which are really global and consensual in concept.

That is, lets hope to find strategic links and create structure to make global interactive events happen locally with the support from funding bodies and sponsorship.

Holping to demonstrate..
A need of shift in approach from developed towards ‘developing’ societies to integrate participants worldwide and extol rights for consensual interactive practice for the benefit of the human race.

We would like to follow some of this factors and challenges
-contextualizing creative undercurrents/dissident movements
-identifying chaos in cutting-edge practice [dionysian anarchy, the temptation of Zeus]
-lack of clear structures on independent channels.
-new art-forms
-divisiveness between corporate and consumer
-current inappropriate institutionalized methodologies
-a pintch on identity issues?

+more specifically lets research
-theory of interactive global practice
-impact of internet on universal culture
-developing countries perspective <=> imperialistic views and methodologies
-terminology ingraned within the terms management <=> leadership
-structures of consensual leadership and potential application [C.Handy’s theories]
-Human Rights for cultural practice

some outcomes to questions arise
– between imposition and offer. Can dialogue be the key?
– control versus disengagement. Can openness be the key?
– finance, a hampering or entrusting cooperational force? Can transparency be the key?

some sources to look into. Please suggest more with links where posible.
-the law of cyberspace- the Internet Code of Practice.[developed by multinationals with no public discussion nor input] :-/ !!
-Universal Declaration of Human Rights
-UNESCO culture of peace.
-current legislation in uk.
-Chaos Comunications Congress supported by Cisco, Apple and local authorities![categories: Hacking, Science, Community, Society and Culture]
-The Tunis Appeal on Dialogue among Civilizations: Theory and Practice. international symposium organized by the Islamic Scientific, Educational, and Cultural Organization.
-Little Bubble of Laughter Global Thought Networks
some conclusions..
-Partnerships are formal collaborators, cashflow aids.
-Within a transparent structure, shared authorship becomes of inherent nature.
-When inclusion becomes part of the nature of practice, the how of ethnic integration and diversity management answers itself, it is not managed, it is led.

conclusion takes a position
Regarding the flux of creative interactive practices, a need arises for further on-site research-in-progress and constant review of regulations and societal effects, theorizing in actual practice, not from ‘developed’ perspectives alone but from the nerve positioning of smaller communities, tribes and independent artists alike.

Furtherance of the creation of a Code of Practice for Consensual Global Creative Interaction.
Evolving, feedbacked and aided by engagement from glocal networks=global and glocal.

further vision -a universally defined aim being a global culture which is cumulative, united and open.
-the birth of new concepts. Meta-technology as new mysticism.
-Technorganic methodologies, developments and art forms.

here’s more.

Interactive global practices are here. We are presented with new technological toys on daily basis. There is an unstoppable market flux of gadgetries. no exclusion of genre, age use, creed.

Children reports show mouse skills from age 3. Online friendship networks make no distiction of race nor social backgrounds. Communication among cousins happens via msm -live moving images and sound + text. Grandparents are found online, in cyberland, beamed up , on our face, from any point in the globe. Time and space disengaged, we stand in 2 spaces in 1 single moment in time..or 3,4,5.. whole families share simultaneously, whole communities, org’s,.. this relational networks are expanding without pause, without territorial boundaries.

Where is the division made between electronics and the state of being, when transmitting in broad spectrums of frequencies with the aid off multiple interactive toys of today?

Through electronic gadgetry, the mental receptors attune and blend in. A scientific spirit,
a meta-science is born from technology and spirit. The structure of electronics -electricities- and thought, unifies. Perception of division, dissolves. Change is happening, inherently affecting consciousness, behavior and practice.

The concept of unity among science and soul is nothing new to humankind. Most ancient civilization considered among the wisest in history, made no distinction among politics, philosophy, literature or art. This was expressed by the ‘creators’ of the time, of no specific tittle.

In Maya times, there would have been no distinction between the architect, the artisan, the ruler, king, high priest, all could be the same person. The doer was simply a creator using the tools of his particular environment.

Today, doctrines often of materialistic divisive belief , collide with the concept of unity, often misunderstanding, yet on the path. Understanding inherent unity are today’s contemporary tribes . Beliefs are integrated in their doings, holistically integrated in work, life.

Among this tribes are the arti-techs, or artitekkies.

Creative technology users with philosophies preserving integrity and practices holistic in manner, atechno-organic flow emanates. In the belief of innovation, in tune with infinity, the forerunners for tomorrow’s generation are here. Creators of new art forms. The doers without tittle.

…open your eyes, you are surrounded by them..
..or is it you.


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